Soon you can buy a ChestRest via my Ebay store.
You will get the 2 ChestRest parts (PLA), a tube of SuperGlue, latex gloves, all paddings ready made, foam rubber, Velcro and rubber bands.
All the other steps you have to do are the same as in the DIY section.

Companies that print a ChestRest
(the Netherlands), Local Makers

If you want a link of your company on this site, send me one printed ChestRest and you will be added.

Making your own Chestrest is very simple.
You will need super-glue, latex gloves, Velcro, a silicon baking sheet, rubber bands, rubber foam, a sewing machine, hot water and a hard copy of the padding PDF (this is to scale).
Download the files from Thingiverse, print the two ChestRest parts and let's go! 

Glue the two parts together with SuperGlue and let it cure.
The edge of the shoulder part is very sharp and needs to be bend a little bit and needs to fit your shoulder perfectly.
Boil some water, dip the shoulder edge in and let it become malleable.
Use your fingers to bend the edge a little bit. If need be reheat in hot water and knead it further. Do not rush this part, it has to fit perfectly.
Use a towel and press it firmley onto your shoulder.
It should look like this when finished.
Next you adjust the chest part so that the hight is comfortable. I want it a bit lower.
Again use hot water to make this part malleable.
Adjust to fit.
Again hot water for the rib wings.

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Bend accordingly.
Hot water for the back part.
Bend to fit neatly.
The ChestRest is formed to fit your body.
Attach the ROUGH side of Velcro on top of the CR, in the shoulder part and in the rib wings.
If need be use some SuperGlue.
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Now it is time to put on the padding etc.
See this PDF for the correct sizes. Just print the file and cut the padding parts.
The SMOOTH side of the Velcro is sewed onto the silicon sheet.
First the short silicon strip.
Secure the foam rubber with the rubber bands.
Put the long silicon band over the foam rubber.
The ChestRest is ready!
Violin Pure. Ready to play.
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When you want to play the ChestRest with the shoulder rest you just apply on the underside of the CR, another sheet of ROUGH Velcro (there is already ROUGH Velcro on top). On the shoulder rest two parts of SOFT Velcro and two strips of SOFT Velcro.
Slide the violin with shoulder rest gently onto the CR until it fits nicely.
Then unmount the violin and fixate the shoulder rest onto the CR with the two strips of SOFT Velco.
Ready to play.

The first test run video (wmv)